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Broken Links Fixed!

Broken Link

Hello everyone! My friend Valerie recently posted a great post with some WordPress tips. See here to check out her awesome post! One of those was to find your broken links. I had no idea if I had any broken links on my site so I decided to give it a shot. What a surprise to find that it said: Processed 1538 web pages, found 48 broken links! After trying to find and fix a few links I ran the check again and found I reduced the broken links to 24. Woo Hoo! Progress! Still not done though. I ran it a third time and got my broken links down to 6!! Big progress. I did one last round of clean up and ran the search to see if I got it all. I didn’t. I got it down to 4. Ok, Ok, Ok… So I’m a perfectionist at times and I worked at fixing or removing those last four. I promise this is the last attempt at it today! I ran it and here’s what it said: “Processed 1538 web pages, found 0 broken links

I finally got them all!! Woo Hoo! The most stubborn links I had to remove I finally found in the comments! Who would have thought? Well, I feel much better that my entire site is broken link free as of now. I’ll try to keep up on the broken links on a regular basis. Also, if you ever find a broken link, let me know please. 😉

If you want to check and see if you have any broken links on your site, head on over to Free Broken Link Checker.