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A Proud Moment in Motherhood!

We have been delighting in such joy at our house lately. I’m proud to announce that little man can officially walk!! I’m such a proud mama and my husband is such a proud daddy. A few weeks back little man took his first four steps toward his dad. It was so magical that we were all together to see it happen. Since then, he really didn’t walk. About a week ago my husband calls to me “he’s walking” and when I popped my head around the corner he had stopped and sat down. I didn’t get to see anything! Then a few days ago little man was at it again. My husband decided to try and “bribe” little man into walking. Recently my sweetheart got a new wallet and wanted to pass on his old one to little man. So, he stood up little man and dangled the old wallet in front of our little guy. Soon, little man took a few steps in order to reach the wallet. Dad moved it further away, little man took a few more steps. And now little man is walking every day and all over the house. We are so proud of him and he is so proud of himself.

Here is a short video of little man walking that I took the other day.