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Wrapping up the Old Year

Today I’ve been wrapping up work from the old year. 2012 has only one day left in it. I’ve finally caught up with all my posts to my family journal. I have a rolling deadline of the end of the month which is when the newsletter gets published and sent out to our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sister. I love being able to change the date of posts. This allowed me to date all the pictures correctly. I has also allowed me to write some great items that will air throughout the next year. One of which is a great kitchen tip that will come round next November when it will be relevant. I’ve also been designing a picture for my New Year’s Day post. I doubt that I will need to date posts here much. The scheduling for the future is helpful for timing a few things and posting on a date that’s already past might be useful for filling in after I may have been unable to upload posts when they were written. Either way, it’s a cool feature and great when you need it.