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How to Plan a Party?

BalloonsI’ve never thrown a party by myself before. But I’ve sent out the invitations now and in a week, I’ll have people over for little man’s first birthday party! I’m so nervous. I’m sure everything will go just fine. Later today I plan on heading to the dollar store for some crepe paper rolls for decoration and the must have “1” birthday candle. I’ll also get some balloons for inside and out at the mailbox.

I’m still at a loss for what to do about party favors. I wasn’t all that thrilled about doing them but it seems so expected. My parents will be getting into to town the night before the party so I really am on my own for this one. Well, my husband is a big help and has supported all the things I’ve figured out so far. I know I want a nearly sugar free “cupcake” for little man. It will be more like muffins really. I hate the idea of giving a one year old a complete sugar shock for the sake of celebration.

We are still narrowing down what we will give our son for his birthday present but thanks to Amazon Prime and their 2 day shipping, we can procrastinate a little longer. And thanks to a grocery store that’s walking distance, I have a little more time to figure out what appetizers / snacks to serve at the party.

What have you done for your kid’s birthday party? Did you give out party favors? How did you decorate? Any advice on planning a party would be very appreciated!