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Dog Raises Boy

If Little Man Were Raised by the Dog

The Good

  • Little man would be clean all the time (Dog loves to lick his hands and face)
  • Little man would alert me of strangers
  • Little man would shake hands
  • Little man would always want to play
  • Little man would sit by the food when he is hungry
  • Little man would sit by the door when he had to go to the bathroom
  • Little man would help clean the floors (Dog licks the floors clean when we drop something)

The Bad

  • Little man couldn’t cut his own nails
  • Little man couldn’t feed himself
  • Little man couldn’t go to the bathroom on his own
  • Little man couldn’t be discrete when farting (Dog farts a lot)
  • Little man couldn’t say “I love you”
  • Little man couldn’t dress himself (But what man really can?)
  • Little man couldn’t ever live on his own

The Truth

I’m glad that little man isn’t raised by the dog. I’m glad that he’s raised by Dad and I. Because we raise him and not the dog, he will grow into a strong, well rounded man that can cut his own nails, feed himself, go to the bathroom on his own and clean it too! He won’t fart in public and he will say “I love you” and he’ll at least be able to put on his own clothes. He’ll grow up and move out where he can have a dog of his own and teach the dog to do the things that dogs do.