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Library Fun at Babygarten

Little Man at the Library Our wonderful local library has a program called babygarten and it just started back up again after the Christmas break. Little man and I go and meet up with other moms and little ones at the library. We sing nursery rhymes, read a book, and have some free play time for socialization. We meet up once a week and there are 6-8 weeks in a session depending on the time of year. This is our third session and we have so much fun. After our last babygarten day, we headed to the children’s section of the library where there is a great big purple hippo at just the right height for little man to pick out his own books. We brought home every book that he picked up. I figured he was saying “I want to read this one Mom. Oh, and I want to read this one too, and that one, and this other one…” We take a reusable grocery bag to the library and “shop” for books. It is much easier to carry the books in the bag while carrying little man at the same time.

Schnitzel, Potatoes and James Bond

Tonight we had a very easy dish for dinner. I made Chicken Schnitzel and Roasted Red Potatoes. It took some trial and error to figure out these two great recipes. My husband was very happy tonight! After eating, we popped in one of the newer James Bond movies. We had rented Casino Royal from the library. While it’s a good James Bond, the intro was pretty lacking in the action department. I felt like I was watching a James Bond music video instead of the intro to the movie.

Anyway, here are the recipes for my Chicken Schnitzel and my Roasted Red Potatoes

Family walk time

Today started off with a great big family walk. We try to get in some great walks every weekend. Not only is our great exercise, it is also great for bonding. My son is still too young to participate in the conversations so for now it is just my husband and I talking. The topic can be anything from what is for dinner tonight, to how work is going, what is going on in the family, or whatever the latest project is.

These walks didn’t happen as often or consistent until our son was born. They started as a way for me to recover from my c-section. It later turned into my main form of exercise and contributed to my weight loss. Now, it still helps to keep me in shape, especially since we keep going on longer walks, though I love it for the bonding. The relationship between my husband and I has never been better.

Todays walk happened to be to the local library. It was a fairly large walk. Though when you stop and browse through the books, do some computer work, and check out a Seinfeld DVD before walking back home, it’s not nearly as hard to walk the distance.

I’d like to encourage everyone to go and check out their local library. Reading is such an important skill and it is important to instill a love of books at a young age. There are many books to read and often audio tapes and movies you can rent too. Our library also has some great programs for all ages. Right now, I take my son to babygarten. We sing songs and say rhymes. Then we read a book and finish up with playtime.

Often times school age kids get involved in summer reading programs. But that is not the only time to take advantage of the library. Programs are offered multiple times throughout the year and some are only for a day. We attended a great program about music. It was held on one day and lasted only two hours.