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Introducing Little Man Shoes™

Little Man Shoes

You may have wondered from time to time why I’ve been a bit absent lately. Well, I’ve been working on launching something awesome, something amazing, something huge!! I’ve been starting up Little Man Shoes™. Little Man Shoes™ are a line of soft sole crib shoes that I’ve created for my son, Little Man. They are all handmade in the USA from up-cycled materials. At the moment, they are made from Levi’s denim with Indian burlap soles for durability and texture. Over time I will be introducing other up-cycled materials. For now they come in sizes 9-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months. The sizes are a guide not a guarantee of fit since all children are different. Little Man Shoes™ has it’s own website, they are sold on Etsy, and updates are sent to Twitter. I’m so excited about this and I hope that you are to. So please check out Little Man Shoes™ and let me know what you think. I’d love some feedback and I love being able to share this with all of you!

Thank you!

Little Man Shoes for Sale

Random Thoughts and You’re On FIRE!

I have been having all sorts of ideas for blog posts lately and before I can get one on paper in its entirety, another one comes along and I shelve the first. Or, I put my idea on a list and when I come back to it, it’s no longer relevant. Like last night, I was going to wright about how my husband had caught himself on fire. But then when I sat down to write about it, the alarm on my phone went off reminding me to take my pill. So I went upstairs to do that. But before I made it to my room to take my pill, I stopped in little man’s room to check on him and he is so cute and sweet. I love this little guy so much, oh wait… I was going to take my pill, so I go and do that, then come back downstairs. OK, I was blogging right? Well, lets see, I should wright up some recipes and finish up that post about James Bond. When did I see that again?? OK, got that post done. Wait, I was supposed to write about my husband catching on fire right? [Husband calls] “It’s bedtime, lets check the house and let the dogs out for a final pee.” Where did the night go? How can I stop these million mile an hour thoughts to focus on one thing and bring it to completion.

So, in case you were wondering, last night my husband knelt down on the floor to get a DVD out of the computer/TV and his ancient Levi’s jacket which was tattered at the elbows (and everywhere else) hovered over the candle we had lit on the coffee table. When he brought his arm closer to himself, I notice he was on fire, said “Honey, you’re on FIRE!” He didn’t quite understand what had happened but got up anyway and then smelt his jacket. He took it off, smothered the flames (a few inches high and spreading fast). The jacket has been living in my garage since. Little man had no thoughts about the situation.