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Kitchen Tips: Moist Leftover Turkey

When you go to eat your leftover turkey, is it deliciously moist or is it dry and hard? Often times when we go to reheat the turkey leftovers, it goes in the microwave and comes out dry as a bone. No one wants to eat dry turkey. And, often our gravy is long since gone. What is a person to do?

To combat dry turkey:

Drizzle some chicken stock over your turkey before reheating. The turkey will soak up the stock and leave you with deliciously moist turkey.

Kitchen Tip: Rings and Dough

This tip is mainly for the ladies out there. I know that we don’t all take off our rings when working with dough. It either feels weird or we forget or we don’t want do loose them. So, what do you do when you get dough stuck in the cracks? If you’ve had your wedding band and engagement band welded together like I did, you have that tiny crack that runs all around. I also have a ring with swirls in it. Not much can fit into these areas. I know one person who said they try to clean the dough out of their ring with a knife. Please don’t do this! Gold is a soft metal and you could easily damage it with a knife.

wpid-20130128_103735.jpg wpid-20130128_103809.jpgInstead, grab your dental floss (we all have that in the house) or a length of sewing thread (fewer of us have this on hand these days). Use this to “floss” your rings. For my swirled ring, I thread it through each swirl section and saw it back and forth to get everything out of the tiny little holes. I’ve used pink thread in the pictures so it would show up better. wpid-20130128_105308-1-1.jpgwpid-20130128_105538-1.jpgI have no idea when I have ever actually used this pink thread for anything sewing, but it works great in this application. So, when you make the pastry crust for my Turkey Pot Pie, you’ll know what to do with the dough in your rings.

Kitchen Tip: Sharpies are your friend

Chicken Stock Sharpies are our friend. I always keep a sharpie in my kitchen to write the date I opened something. In this shot, I opened my organic chicken stock today. This way I know how long a container has been open. This goes well for leftovers too. If you’re using reusable containers and don’t want permanent marker, try a dry erase marker. If you write in an area that you won’t be grabbing, it should stay well enough.

I also use sharpies in other places around my home too. I put the open date on my laundry detergent so I can see how fast we are going through it and how many I should pick up to survive until the next shopping trip. So, grab a sharpie and keep it in your kitchen too!

Kitchen Tips: Bread Crumbs

Lots of recipes call for bread crumbs but we don’t always have them on hand. What I’ve done is to make up a batch of bread crumbs in the food processor, then put them in a container and store them in the freezer. Now I’ve got bread crumbs ready when I need them. This saves lots of time when I come across a recipe that calls for bread crumbs.