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1K B4 K: 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten!


We’re starting our 1K B4 K Challenge!

This program is sponsored by our local library. Today we get to head to the library, sign-up for the program, and receive a tote bag and reading logs. We’ll also see the cat in the hat! We are very excited to see the cat in the hat. Either before or after the program begins we will stroll through the isles of the library to bring home a set of books to read to little man. There might also be some magazines, books, and movies for my husband and I to enjoy as well. I love that we can walk to our local library. This gives us some great exercise, saves money on gas, saves the environment, and creates a great bonding time for all of us.

The Cat in the HatDo you have a program in your area like this? Many libraries all across the country participate in the 1K B4 K program. They can start at any time throughout the year and each library will do things a little differently. I’d love to hear about the reading programs that you are involved in! What are your favorite children’s books to read?

Connecticut Shooting

At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school

I wanted to comment on this article I just read. As a new mom my heart is so sad having read this. I can’t comprehend who would do such a thing. Tonight I will hold my son extra tight and I know many others across the country will do the same. I don’t wish this tragedy on anyone.