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Reading Time

Lately, Little Man has been bringing me books to read to him by the armload. Just now we read:

  • Baby Touch and Feel Farm
  • Usborne Very Virst Nursery Rhymes
  • Big Bear Little Bear
  • Winnie the Pooh – Pooh’s Spring-Cleaning Mystery
  • Winnie the Pooh – Eeyore Looses His Tail … Again
  • My World
  • Goodnight Gorilla

And now he’s headed my way with another armload. Do you like reading with your kids? What are their favorite books?

Every night before bed, I read Little Man a story from one of our favorite books. We read from Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, 3 Minute Bedtime Stories, and a few others too but those are the two we’re working through right now. I picked up some great books at our local library’s book sale  in Virginia before we moved. I’ve got the complete Grimm’s Fairy-tales which we won’t be reading for awhile but I still loved finding it.

We’re Moving!

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Hello blog friends! I’d like to announce that we’re moving! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find me here. 🙂 My husband is changing jobs and in 3-4 months we will be moving to Anywhere, USA. We are excited for the change and a bit nervous too. Even though this will be our 6th move since we’ve been married, there is always something to be nervous about. This time, I have little man to take care of during the move. I’ve amassed quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to moving and I have many tricks up my sleeve. I’ll be sharing some of these as the months go along. If you have any tips on moving with a little one, I’d love to hear it!! My little man will be around 18 months old at the time of the move.

Christmas reflections


I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Its time to get back to writing again. We had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We opened a few presents early like the recordable book my parents gave little man “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and a very noisy learning farm sit to stand walker from my sister.

Christmas day started with the opening of the stockings. Our pups loved their treats and so did my husband. He got some delicious Walker shortbread cookies and chocolate. We talked to family and I got the turkey in the oven. Then it was more phone time. We were all set up for Skype but we never did it.

Our wonderful dinner consisted of a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and rolls. We were too full to eat the pumpkin pie so it will be enjoyed tonight instead.

OUCH! Tears from a sad little man

Lately little man has been teething a lot. We noticed the first sign of an actual tooth about a week ago. It kind of raised up but wasn’t showing that bright white you see when it fully comes through. He loves to run his tongue on this bit of tooth. I imagine it’s because it is a different texture. Anyway, our day had gone on as usual and during a feed (he is still mostly breastfed), it finally happened. He bit me! I never imagined it would hurt that much. Such a sharp pain. So, when his not so pearly white practically pierced me, I screamed. I yelled out OUCH! and jerked away a bit. All completely reactionary. I certainly didn’t plan on yelling, or pulling away from him but I did. Then he looked at me with such big eyes and I knew I’d scared him. He started crying and I felt like doing the same. So out came the pacifier and it was cuddle time until he had calmed down. We re-approached eating about an hour later and haven’t had another bite since. [crosses fingers]

For all the other moms out there, have you ever been bitten? And did you keep breastfeeding or was it once bitten, twice shy?

Morning moments


I love it when I get to spend the morning with my son. This morning I just didn’t want to get out of bed. So when my son woke up, I brought him into my room to feed him. Then when he was finished eating we just cuddled in bed under the covers. It’s moments like these that I absolutely cherish.

I know that I have so many things to get done today, but they can wait just a little while longer. I want to get in just a little more cuddling. Five more minutes please.


Connecticut Shooting

At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school

I wanted to comment on this article I just read. As a new mom my heart is so sad having read this. I can’t comprehend who would do such a thing. Tonight I will hold my son extra tight and I know many others across the country will do the same. I don’t wish this tragedy on anyone.