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Holding it Together

I feel I must share some thoughts and feelings now. My grandmother is 83 years old and is the most amazing women I’ve ever met. I had the privilege of living with her for a couple of years after high school and I learned so much. Not just things I learned from her, but things I learned about her. She has lived an incredible, full life. Our family has known that we may not have much more time left with her for awhile now. When I got pregnant, I prayed that she would meet my son (who’s middle name is after her late husband). She met him for a few hours back in November and I loved that time we had.

Little Man and Great Grandma

Little Man and his Great Grandma

Recently, her health has been failing faster and I’ve held it together pretty well. I haven’t been in the thick of it like the rest of my family since I live so far away. Well, today I couldn’t keep it together any more. I’ve cried most of the day. I’m comforted only by the fact that my family can see my grandma and be with her in her last days. Yet it pains me to realize that I will most likely never see her again. She’s not gone yet, but I can’t give her a hug, or see her smile. I have an Aunt who visited her the other day and wrote about what was said. It was reading that, that made this a reality, a truth.

I know that my grandma has lived a very full life and has done some amazing things. She’s been to China and seen the great wall. They all built a 42 foot boat when my dad was 10, in their backyard! She’s met a president and various congressman and senators. She won awards for her amazing sewing skills. She’s beautiful and has a heart of gold, yet she’ll let you know if you’re out of line. Grandma and grandpa raised three amazing kids,  have 8 grandchildren and 1 great grand child (my son). There are millions of amazing stories that I’ve been told over the years. Some are so crazy you’d think it was from a movie. But it was my grandma’s life. I hope to grow up and be just as amazing as her.

I pray that my grandma’s last days are filled with love, family, and good stories.

Four Generations

Me, my dad, little man, and my grandma
November 7, 2012

In case you couldn’t tell, I take after my dad’s side of the family, and little man takes after me.

Dad’s a Genius – Trick Feeding


We have been trying to feed little man peaches for a few days and he just doesn’t like them. He’ll turn his head away and close his mouth. But I already had mashed up peaches to feed him and I didn’t want them to go to waste. Tonight we tried feeding them to him again and no luck. He didn’t want them. However, he did want dad’s sweet potato chip. So dad grabbed a chip and a spoonful of peaches and when little man opened his mouth to eat the chip, he put the peaches in. Little man was tricked into eating all the peaches I had prepared. Dad was a genius and we will be waiting a while before trying another batch of peaches.

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Most of the time when I write, it’s about daily life. What is little man doing? What is Dad doing? What am I doing? And what am I cooking? But sometimes it’s nice to stray from the usual and write about other stuff. Not what’s going on around me, but something completely different. I read a post titled “What If Your Husband Was A Real Zombie (Part Two of The Land That Ideas Come From)“. In this post, it talked about ideas that come from the “What if…” questions. After reading it, I looked over at my dog, between feeding bites of black beans to little man, and thought “What if my dog were raising little man?” and I think it would be pretty funny. But it just might work. Though the bit about feeding little man black beans, that’s going to bite me in the but.