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Beautiful Mama Blog Award

Beautiful Mama Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award by Valerie at Atlantamomofthree! I am honored to have been nominated for this award. Becoming a Mom is one of the best things to have ever happened in my life. Marrying my husband is the other best thing to have happened. So, in order to accept this wonderful award I need to do a few things. I get to tell you three things I love about motherhood and nominate some very deserving Mom’s to pass on the award.

Three things I love about motherhood:

  1. I love getting hugs from little man!
  2. Little man’s laughter can brighten any situation! It’s also contagious!
  3. The joy on little man’s face when he does something new!


To accept the award, please do the following things:

  • Click the above award image, save it and use it in your acceptance post.
  • List 3 things you love about motherhood.
  • Nominate other deserving mamas; you may choose as many as you like. (And let them know of the nomination)

I’m Going to Another Blog Party!


Hi everyone, I’m going to another blog party. This one is hosted by jgann22. We are all bringing along our most viewed post from our blog. I will be bringing Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole. If you’d like to participate in the blog party too, the materials must be submitted before January 28th. For more information on this party, head on over to the original post.

The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Atlantamomofthree. I really appreciate being nominated for an award. I’m very happy to provide everyone with a wide variety of recipes and snippets of my life as mom.

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate other blogs for the award.
  • List 7 random things about you.
  • Put the award pic on your acceptance post.

And the nominees are…

7 Random things about myself:

  1. I took ballet when I was a little girl
  2. I’m seriously considering homeschooling my son
  3. I love to sleep in on the weekends, and every day if I can
  4. I cook foods from many different countries (America, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, India)
  5. I fit into my prom dress better than when I was a senior in high school
  6. I met my amazing husband in college
  7. I absolutely love watching Doctor Who

I’m Participating in a Blog Party!


Hey everyone! I’m participating in a blog party hosted by antlantamomofthree. We’re all bringing weeknight dishes and I’ve brought along my Tuna Casserole. Head on over to the party to see what’s there. So, grab your plate and dish up some deliciousness!

Wrapping up the Old Year

Today I’ve been wrapping up work from the old year. 2012 has only one day left in it. I’ve finally caught up with all my posts to my family journal. I have a rolling deadline of the end of the month which is when the newsletter gets published and sent out to our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sister. I love being able to change the date of posts. This allowed me to date all the pictures correctly. I has also allowed me to write some great items that will air throughout the next year. One of which is a great kitchen tip that will come round next November when it will be relevant. I’ve also been designing a picture for my New Year’s Day post. I doubt that I will need to date posts here much. The scheduling for the future is helpful for timing a few things and posting on a date that’s already past might be useful for filling in after I may have been unable to upload posts when they were written. Either way, it’s a cool feature and great when you need it.

New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year nearly here, it seems appropriate to dive into this topic and talk about the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. In the past I’ve had resolutions to loose weight, keep the house spotless, exercise every day, cut out sweets, and connect with family and friends more. Well, this past year I have lost a tremendous amount of weight so I think that one can stay off the list. I exercise pretty regularly by going on walks with my husband and little man so that one’s off the list. My current diet/eating style is very low sugar so I have that taken care of. What’s left? Keep the house spotless and connect with family and friends more. Well, I’ve been getting some great routines in place with the family that include housekeeping but it could still use work or focus so it’s on the list. For connect with family and friends more I am getting better at this too. I’ve kept up a family journal for 2 1/2 years now that my family has access to so they can see pictures and updates on little man, hubby and I. They get a monthly newsletter and it works out great. I do have to finish updating that before December’s newsletter gets sent out December 31st. For connecting with friends, it’s a work in progress certainly so it’s on the list. While I’m on Facebook and this blog, it still isn’t personal enough for true friendships. I really want to work on seeing friends and reaching out to them. It’s important to create and grow relationships. We all need people.

For the new year I’d like to add in focus on my son. Our library is about to launch a program called 1,000 Books B4K which challenges parents to read 1,000 books to their child before they enter kindergarten. I’d like to accept that challenge. By reading 4 books a week we would get there. But, by reading a bedtime story every night, we’ll get there in under 3 years. I think that reading is an important skill and it increases the bond between parent and child. It also helps children turn into great writers. When I was little, I was always reading. I still have my original library card signed when I was in third grade.

My other new resolution this year is directly related to this blog. It’s to write more! I want to continuously populate this blog and write not just about everyday life, but about various topics. I’ve already got my recipes going very well here so I just need to find out what other direction(s) I want to go. Though with my recipes, I’d like to eventually turn it into a cookbook. I love having all my recipes in one place and not having to look at which paper I wrote it out on while I made it up. It’s no fun trying to read through a splatter of dough and determine whether it’s 1/2 tsp or 1/2 Tbs.

So that’s it for the 2013 resolutions. 2012 was a great year and I’ll try to write a wrap up before it’s completely over. We’re almost out of time!

My Resolutions:

  • Improve my housekeeping skills
  • Connect with friends more
  • Accept and work toward 1,000 Books B4K challenge
  • Write more often
  • Write a Cookbook??

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Most of the time when I write, it’s about daily life. What is little man doing? What is Dad doing? What am I doing? And what am I cooking? But sometimes it’s nice to stray from the usual and write about other stuff. Not what’s going on around me, but something completely different. I read a post titled “What If Your Husband Was A Real Zombie (Part Two of The Land That Ideas Come From)“. In this post, it talked about ideas that come from the “What if…” questions. After reading it, I looked over at my dog, between feeding bites of black beans to little man, and thought “What if my dog were raising little man?” and I think it would be pretty funny. But it just might work. Though the bit about feeding little man black beans, that’s going to bite me in the but.