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Recipe: Layered Dip


Layered Dip

I served this layered dip with tortilla chips at little man’s birthday party. Everyone loved it and we loved what little leftovers we had.


Black beans
Sour cream
Shredded cheddar cheese


Simple really, just layer on everything in order starting with the black beans and ending with the cheese. It’s great to make ahead and store in the fridge.

Recipe: Chorizo Burrito

Chorizo Burrito

Chorizo Burrito

A simple spicy twist to the classic burrito. Who needs plain ground beef when you can have spiced, flavor packed pork!


Sun Dried Tomato TortillasBlack Beans
Monteray Jack Cheese
Chorizo Sausage, casing removed
Olive Oil


Heat some olive oil in a large pan. Cook sausage and onion until done. Move the sausage around frequently to break it up. Once the sausage is fully cooked, assemble and enjoy!

Recipe: Sweet Southern Chilli

Sweet Southern Chili

Sweet Southern Chilli

I have to brag for just a moment here. This is the absolute BEST chilli I’ve ever made! I went out on a limb here combining a few flavors I wasn’t 100% positive about but it worked and all the leftovers are spoken for. What little leftovers there are that is.


1 lb Ground Beef
1 c Water
1 c Chicken Stock
14 oz. can Diced Tomato (or crushed)
8 oz. can Tomato Paste
2 Sweet Potatoes, peeled & diced
1 Russet Potato, peeled & diced
2 Carrots, diced
3 Tbs Dried Minced Onion
1 Tbs Chili Powder
1 tsp Cumin
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Pepper
1/8 tsp Garlic Powder
2 cans Black Beans
1 can Corn


Cook ground beef in a skilled until nicely browned and thoroughly cooked. Add everything into a stock pot. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer and let cook until the potatoes are done. About 1 hour, stirring often. Dish up and enjoy!

wpid-20130304_184645.jpg wpid-20130304_184641.jpg wpid-20130304_190154.jpg

Recipe: Feijoada (Brazilian Pork and Black Bean Stew)


Feijoada (Brazilian Pork and Black Bean Stew)

Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil. It commonly consists of a variety of pork pieces and beans. Depending on which region you’re talking about, the beans can be black, white, kidney, or a mixture. This dish is typically served on Saturdays since it takes a long time to cook. I’ve cut down the overall time in my version and we were thrilled with the result. Because really, what mom (or anyone) has 17 hours to cook this dish? Mine is done in under 3 hours. So join in on the flavor a little south of the border!


2 Tbs Oil
1 large Onion
3 Garlic Cloves
6 Slices Bacon, cut in 1″ pieces
2 cans Black Beans, drained
4 c Water (enough to cover the beans and meat)
4 oz. Chorizo Sausage (3 links)
1 lb. Pork Ribs, bone in
7 oz. Smoked Sausage
7 oz. Andouli Sausage
2 Bay Leaves, crushed
1/8 tsp Coriander
1/8 tsp Pepper
1 1/2 tsp Cumin
1/4 c Fresh Parsley, chopped (4 tsp Dried Parsley)
1/2 c Green Onion, chopped
1/2 c Fresh Cilantro, chopped2 c Rice, uncooked (to serve the stew over)


Cooking onion wpid-2013-01-23-15.19.27.jpg wpid-2013-01-23-15.20.29.jpg wpid-2013-01-23-15.21.47.jpg

In a large dutch oven (or stock pot), heat oil over medium heat. Saute onion and garlic. Add bacon and cook until rendered. Add in the black beans and water. Stir to combine. Place all of your meat in (I used about 3 pounds of meat total). Add your spices (coriander, pepper, cumin). Add your herbs (parsley, green onion, cilantro). Bring to a boil, then let simmer until the meat is cooked (170°) and falling off the bone (in the case of the ribs). This can take 1-2 hours depending on the size of your meat pieces. When the stew is almost done, cook the rice according to the directions on the package. Once the pork pieces have cooked fully, take them out of the stew and chop them up into large pieces (around 1″) and place on a plate grouped by meat.

Feijoada Meats

To serve, place a bed of rice on a plate, ladle the bean and broth over the rice, and place your choice of meats on top. Serves 6.

wpid-20130122_201555.jpg wpid-20130122_201601.jpg wpid-20130122_201545.jpg Feijoada

You can see my plate on the left and my husbands plate on the right. We couldn’t decide on which plate looked more delicious. I hope you liked our culinary trip to Brazil. Is there a country you’d like us to visit? Let me know!

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Most of the time when I write, it’s about daily life. What is little man doing? What is Dad doing? What am I doing? And what am I cooking? But sometimes it’s nice to stray from the usual and write about other stuff. Not what’s going on around me, but something completely different. I read a post titled “What If Your Husband Was A Real Zombie (Part Two of The Land That Ideas Come From)“. In this post, it talked about ideas that come from the “What if…” questions. After reading it, I looked over at my dog, between feeding bites of black beans to little man, and thought “What if my dog were raising little man?” and I think it would be pretty funny. But it just might work. Though the bit about feeding little man black beans, that’s going to bite me in the but.