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Recipe: Layered Dip


Layered Dip

I served this layered dip with tortilla chips at little man’s birthday party. Everyone loved it and we loved what little leftovers we had.


Black beans
Sour cream
Shredded cheddar cheese


Simple really, just layer on everything in order starting with the black beans and ending with the cheese. It’s great to make ahead and store in the fridge.

A Wonderful Visit

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting over the last two weeks much. Well, my parents were in town visiting for little man’s first birthday. We were pretty busy. I finally finished and mailed off the last of the thank you cards and things are slowly returning to normal. So, over the last week and a half, we had a party with little man’s friends, visited Colonial Williamsburg, saw a very wet Virginia Beach (it poured down rain), strolled through naval history at the Mariner’s Museum (my dad’s favorite), learned about military history at the Casemate Museum, and petted lots of animals at the Blue Bird Gap Farm. I loved having my parents in town and so did little man. While they were here we ate tons of great food. We went out to two awesome restaurants and I cooked some new delicious dishes like Moroccan Lamb, Beef & Broccoli, and a White Bean Chicken Chili. The recipes will come soon I promise! In the mean time, here are a few stock photos of the places we visited. I’ll upload some of my own pictures soon too. Enjoy! And now I’m off to resume my mom duties and to clean the banana off my pants that little man just smeared. 🙂

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

Mariner's Museum (The Monitor)

Mariner’s Museum (The Monitor)

Casemate Museum

Casemate Museum

Blue Bird Gap Farm

Blue Bird Gap Farm

*Please note that I do not take any credit for these pictures. They are thanks to a Google images search for the purpose of showing you a representation of the places I visited. I hope to replace these with some of my own pictures in the future.

How to Plan a Party?

BalloonsI’ve never thrown a party by myself before. But I’ve sent out the invitations now and in a week, I’ll have people over for little man’s first birthday party! I’m so nervous. I’m sure everything will go just fine. Later today I plan on heading to the dollar store for some crepe paper rolls for decoration and the must have “1” birthday candle. I’ll also get some balloons for inside and out at the mailbox.

I’m still at a loss for what to do about party favors. I wasn’t all that thrilled about doing them but it seems so expected. My parents will be getting into to town the night before the party so I really am on my own for this one. Well, my husband is a big help and has supported all the things I’ve figured out so far. I know I want a nearly sugar free “cupcake” for little man. It will be more like muffins really. I hate the idea of giving a one year old a complete sugar shock for the sake of celebration.

We are still narrowing down what we will give our son for his birthday present but thanks to Amazon Prime and their 2 day shipping, we can procrastinate a little longer. And thanks to a grocery store that’s walking distance, I have a little more time to figure out what appetizers / snacks to serve at the party.

What have you done for your kid’s birthday party? Did you give out party favors? How did you decorate? Any advice on planning a party would be very appreciated!

Grandparent’s are Coming for Little Man’s 1st Birthday

Little Man will have an extra special first birthday! My parents are flying in to spend a whole week with us. It will have been around 6 months since family has seen him in person. I know that my dad will be excited to see the area. There is so much history on the east coast. My mom has seen some of it since she came out to help when little man was born. She stayed for about two weeks but we were limited on the amount of sightseeing we could do since I was still recovering from the c-section. This time, little man will be able to see more of it as well. He wasn’t too interested the first time. In fact, he even slept through cannons going off as we attended an anniversary celebration of a battle.

I have a decent amount of time to find things for all of us to do but I know that life with little man will get in the way of my planning so I’d better start soon. So far, I only have a few places on my idea list. We’ll go to a museum about boats (my dad’s passion), a historic town (my mom’s passion), see the ocean (it’s great to have stepped into the ocean on both sides of the country), and of course, have little man’s first birthday party. That takes up four of the seven days so I’ve got three more to fill up with fun and adventure. To fill some of the idle time in those days I’m sure we’ll do some reading to little man, walks to the library and around town, cooking, and some general great family bonding.

We’re all so excited and can’t hardly wait until they come. Oh, that does give me a thought though, I’ll have to make sure to do a little extra cleaning before my mom comes. I think every woman does this before family visits. Am I right?

Photo credit: caribb / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND