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OUCH! Tears from a sad little man

Lately little man has been teething a lot. We noticed the first sign of an actual tooth about a week ago. It kind of raised up but wasn’t showing that bright white you see when it fully comes through. He loves to run his tongue on this bit of tooth. I imagine it’s because it is a different texture. Anyway, our day had gone on as usual and during a feed (he is still mostly breastfed), it finally happened. He bit me! I never imagined it would hurt that much. Such a sharp pain. So, when his not so pearly white practically pierced me, I screamed. I yelled out OUCH! and jerked away a bit. All completely reactionary. I certainly didn’t plan on yelling, or pulling away from him but I did. Then he looked at me with such big eyes and I knew I’d scared him. He started crying and I felt like doing the same. So out came the pacifier and it was cuddle time until he had calmed down. We re-approached eating about an hour later and haven’t had another bite since. [crosses fingers]

For all the other moms out there, have you ever been bitten? And did you keep breastfeeding or was it once bitten, twice shy?