Exercising Entertainment

2013-01-29 10.51.10I usually try to get my exercising done during little man’s naps. However, it’s not always timed well enough for this to succeed. So today I got to give little man some entertainment while I exercised. Here he is on his little “motorcycle”. He sits on this, and can finally touch the ground, while hanging on or pushing buttons. It plays music, makes noise and generally keeps him happy for awhile; at least long enough for me to get in this picture and some exercising. To make my exercise time go by quicker for me, I try to pair it with reading a book. Before I know it, 30 minutes has passed (if little man has been sleeping during that time).

How do you fit in exercise with kids?

New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year nearly here, it seems appropriate to dive into this topic and talk about the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. In the past I’ve had resolutions to loose weight, keep the house spotless, exercise every day, cut out sweets, and connect with family and friends more. Well, this past year I have lost a tremendous amount of weight so I think that one can stay off the list. I exercise pretty regularly by going on walks with my husband and little man so that one’s off the list. My current diet/eating style is very low sugar so I have that taken care of. What’s left? Keep the house spotless and connect with family and friends more. Well, I’ve been getting some great routines in place with the family that include housekeeping but it could still use work or focus so it’s on the list. For connect with family and friends more I am getting better at this too. I’ve kept up a family journal for 2 1/2 years now that my family has access to so they can see pictures and updates on little man, hubby and I. They get a monthly newsletter and it works out great. I do have to finish updating that before December’s newsletter gets sent out December 31st. For connecting with friends, it’s a work in progress certainly so it’s on the list. While I’m on Facebook and this blog, it still isn’t personal enough for true friendships. I really want to work on seeing friends and reaching out to them. It’s important to create and grow relationships. We all need people.

For the new year I’d like to add in focus on my son. Our library is about to launch a program called 1,000 Books B4K which challenges parents to read 1,000 books to their child before they enter kindergarten. I’d like to accept that challenge. By reading 4 books a week we would get there. But, by reading a bedtime story every night, we’ll get there in under 3 years. I think that reading is an important skill and it increases the bond between parent and child. It also helps children turn into great writers. When I was little, I was always reading. I still have my original library card signed when I was in third grade.

My other new resolution this year is directly related to this blog. It’s to write more! I want to continuously populate this blog and write not just about everyday life, but about various topics. I’ve already got my recipes going very well here so I just need to find out what other direction(s) I want to go. Though with my recipes, I’d like to eventually turn it into a cookbook. I love having all my recipes in one place and not having to look at which paper I wrote it out on while I made it up. It’s no fun trying to read through a splatter of dough and determine whether it’s 1/2 tsp or 1/2 Tbs.

So that’s it for the 2013 resolutions. 2012 was a great year and I’ll try to write a wrap up before it’s completely over. We’re almost out of time!

My Resolutions:

  • Improve my housekeeping skills
  • Connect with friends more
  • Accept and work toward 1,000 Books B4K challenge
  • Write more often
  • Write a Cookbook??

The year I lost 90 pounds

This is my most accomplishing year ever. I crated new life (little man), I made great friends, we crossed the county to see family and introduce little man, oh, and I lost 90 pounds. Here’s the story…

Since I graduated high school, I steadily gained weight each year until 2009. That is when I hit a peak weight. I worked hard to lose some and by the summer of 2011 I was down 15 pounds. Then I got pregnant. I gained 40 pounds while I was pregnant. Maybe a little more. After an unplanned c-section, super imposed pre-eclampsia, and uncontrollable high blood pressure, I entered the ICU (after my son was already out) at a new high weight. They weighed me in at 220 pounds. I was so swollen that I couldn’t even wear socks or slippers without it digging into my skin.

My first day in ICU I lost 9 pounds. A good start but it was all getting the swelling down and loosing those fluids. And I was still over 200 pounds. Even when I got pregnant I was considered obese for my height. we had quite a slow recovery once I got home. I couldn’t go up and down the stairs so my son slept in the pack and play in our room. I rarely got out of bed and my husband quickly learned how to cook. He was scared of loosing me after all the problems at the end of the pregnancy so he researched a lot. I really hated what he cooked me but we took much of it to heart. I ate more vegetables, had no salts, no sugars, and started drinking the right stuff. While I’ve never had coffee, we cut out all the soda and fruit juices with added sugar. More on my diet at another time though.

About two weeks after my son was born, my mom came to help out and my husband had to go back to work. My mom was able to help out with so much and I was able to use the elevator at the house to get downstairs so we could all eat together. The poor design of our house put our room upstairs and everything else downstairs. We started going for short walks. Really just down the next street and back. My mom stayed almost two weeks and a few days before she left, we took a day trip out to Williamsburg to see a 100 year celebration. We spent half the day there and it was very taxing. I’d have to say that that was the start of the exercise half of my weight loss.

In the last eight months, I have gone from 220 pounds to 130. I went from a size 14 (almost 16) to a size 4! I almost can’t believe it. I went from obese, to overweight, to right in the middle of the “normal” weight range for my height. I never considered being so happy about being “normal”. It’s been quite a struggle and a lot of adjustment has been made. Now we eat extremely healthy and walk all the time. We go on our family walks and sometimes they are just to the post office (1.5 miles round trip). Other times we venture out to the shops (2 miles round trip) and on the weekend we’ll head over to the library (3 miles round trip).

Before (Size 14)

Half Way (Size 10)


After (Size 4)