Tired ALL the time

It’s common for pregnant women to be tired. Usually they get their energy back during the second trimester. I’ll give you a guess what happened with me though…

Still tired!

I expected to be more tired this time around in general since I’ve now got two boys (6 and 3) I’m chasing around plus a dog. In addition to keeping up with the house and work. But I just could never feel rested. I even managed to take a nap on a few occasions!! That’s unheard of here. I’m used to getting the least amount of sleep in the family.

So the doctor went through the normal labs and thought that some counts were a little low so off to a specialist I was sent. Sure the platelet count was low but not too terrible. We’ll monitor that and make adjustments. What the surprise was is the Ferrous levels. ??? Right ??? Well, that’s the amount of Iron in the blood.

When you eat food you gain iron. Some natural foods come with iron and many pre-packaged foods are fortified with iron. With my cereal alone I was supposed to be getting 50% of my daily iron (since my serving size doesn’t match what the box says). Anyway, my iron levels are almost 0! It’s 4 actually. Best to be around 200. So that’s why I’m so abnormally tired and my fingernails are constantly breaking (instead of being nails of steel like most pregnant women).

I’ll be in for 3 different sessions of getting Iron via IV in hopes that it fixes my numbers and my current side effects. I’m looking forward to having some energy again but I’m terrified of the IV!! The other downside is that kids are very much not welcome at these appointments so I have to arrange for hubby to take time off work to watch them 4 hours at a time. We were supposed to be saving up his time off for when the baby arrives. Not canning 1.5 days off for this. 😦

All the other appointments the kids are always with me though. It’s just not feasible to have them watched by family or pay some place to watch them for each of the appointments. Especially as they get more frequent.

I’m crossing my fingers that the platelet count and iron levels are high enough at the end of the pregnancy that we can have a normal c-section.


From the moment you get pregnant (actually before too but not as in your face), we are compared.

  • The age you started having kids
  • The age you’re still having kids
  • If you’re bigger or smaller than the pregnant people they know or have seen
  • When you feel the baby move
    • BTW – that whole “butterflies” or “flutter of life” feeling is total CRAP! It’s more like when you hold in a fart in the beginning.
    • BTW2 – if the placenta is in the front you’ll feel it later. They don’t tell you that and you can’t tell if it is until the big ultrasound.
  • How big or small your baby is at X time
  • If you’re baby came early, on time, late
  • C-section vs normal vs VBAC
  • How big your baby is at birth

Later on it keeps going

  • When you kid walks
  • When your kid talks
  • When your kid is potty trained – I really hate this one. Yes my 3 year old is not potty trained. Guess why. Because he fucking doesn’t want to be yet. He knows how, he’s just not that interested.
  • How much your kid knows – Big issue for homeschooled kids. “Well my neighbors/co-workers/friends kid/grandkid does X already. Why doesn’t yours?”
  • How socialized your kid is – Another homeschool pet peeve. Yes, because I want my kid associating with the bullies or those that aren’t tolerant. How about school safety? Since the recent shootings, homeschool is on the rise. Public school kids are just as messed up as the rest. Don’t get me going on about teachers, I know there are some great ones and they work hard, it’s still divided time. Sure there are exceptions everywhere but please. SHUT UP ABOUT SOCIALIZING MY KID!!
  • The comparisons don’t stop there. But my list will.

The point is please stop comparing us. All of us! I have terrible body confidence issues. Why? Because growing up I always saw my mom upset with how her tummy wasn’t flat enough. She’s beautiful and in great shape. So if you can’t be happy with that body, what chance do I have? I’m usually a bit overweight. I’m terrible at styling my hair. I don’t wear makeup unless I’m going out or to see family. Hell, remember how it’s a win if I get to brush my hair?? I don’t feel pretty or beautiful. I keep comparing myself to everyone else. My sister has amazing style. She’s great with makeup and hair. She’s also a kick ass marathon runner. She’s no size 2 but she is in great shape and can kick just about anyone’s ass. One of my cousin’s is a petit thing and super cute. She makes friends all over and has an easily dressed body type.

We’re great about putting on a happy or pretty face for others. How many actually know the struggle that goes on inside? Likely no one knows what we struggle with inside. We may not be Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts, but we are all actors.

Who cares about the models on the cover of magazines. We compare ourselves to the people around us. It’s not easy, I’m guilty too. But if we were to stop comparing ourselves to others, if we could be happy with the body we have at the moment (because lets face it, the body is always changing. Thanks zebra stripes.); maybe we could all be happier and young girls and boys (YES BOYS TOO), can grow up accepting who they are.

My 3 year old has long hair. My 6 year old has short hair. The 6 year old keeps being conditioned by other people that long hair is for girls. Boys can’t wear nail polish. The 3 year old doesn’t care. He likes his curls. But I’m sick of people putting their close minded views onto my kids. I know men who wear skirts, have earrings or wear necklaces (and not just the religious ones or rapper chains). The’re awesome people. Side bit on that… check out Red Dress PDX. Wearing a red dress is required for entry and everyone who attended had a great time. An no, not all the guys that went are gay or bisexual or feminine. They just wore a red dress.

Final note:

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Stop comparing other people to yourself or others. Accept people and let them be happy! Accept yourself and be happy!


It’s amazing how life changes and moves on. To think that I only wrote once in 2016 and haven’t since. Life has been full of it’s ups and downs since then. We’ve gone through moves (yes plural), and job changes. We’ve had to do major remodel on a house which included removing and replacing an exterior wall. One rusty nail in a foot, and one staple in the hand. Plus removing lots of water. We didn’t go fancy either with any of it. We’re frugal people. I’ll say this, carpet squares are awesome!! If you’re looking for some to carpet your whole house, a guest room, the play room, or make a rug even… check out: Biscuit’s Bargains. No affiliate link, nothing monetized. I just think they’re a great place. My boys flooded the living room from the kitchen. (Aimed the sprayer from the kitchen faucet) TWICE! And I just picked up the carpet tiles and hung them on the clothesline to dry. Once I mopped up the concrete subfloor, I replaced the tiles and all was good as new.

More to the point of the post. 🙂 Neglect… It’s easy to let things go by the wayside and forget about them. Since we moved to our most recent place, I’ve very easily kept up on laundry. Dishes are fairly good. General household still needs work. I go through spurts of being able to take care of it and then there are the times I need hubby to bail me out of the mess.

I went to Hawaii with my sister, mom, grandma, and grandpa for a week. First off, it’s great to take a vacation where you only need to really cover your airfare and food. Grandparents already covered the condo so we were able to ride along for free. For the flight, it’s a really awful amount of time in the air for someone who hates flying and especially when flying is painful. Yes we left before the big volcano activity but that’s not the point. We went on an excursion put on by Hawaii Forest and Trail and on the bus ride up to the hike starting point, they asked everyone to tell a bit about themselves including their passion. I realized that currently I don’t have one. Sure I love my family (hubby, kids, and dog). But for a personal passion… nothing. I used to crochet. I used to do calligraphy. I used to paint. I used to read books. I used to cook exciting new dishes. Get the point?

What do I do now? In the moment I spouted off Calligraphy even though I haven’t done it in ages.

So I started this post 7 days ago. See where the problems lie? I couldn’t get back to it for a week. Neglect. Most days I work on keeping up with the house, minding the kids, homeschooling, and working. I call it a big win if I manage to brush my hair that day. If it weren’t for the fact that hubby likes my hair long, I’d cut it all off to avoid the massive tangles.

I love it when people say “you just need to take some time for yourself”. Or “you need to make the time”. I can’t make time people!! We all get 24 hours in a day. No more, no less. Same goes for taking the time to teach my kids whatever that person deems important to them.

Next post will have to be about comparisons because I was just about to go into a whole thing about that which would make this waaaay to long. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will come soon. I may forget. It may be another 2 years. Life isn’t an easy laid out plan where everything gets done.

Bottom line is that everyone is neglected. We neglect ourselves, we neglect our family, we neglect our responsibilities. There just isn’t enough time or energy to give everyone and everything the attention and consideration deserved desired.

Roasted Romanesco Broccoli

Though this recipe is for romanesco, I’ve used it with regular broccoli as well as both orange and white cauliflower with great results!


  • 1 head Romanesco broccoli, broken into large florets
  • 2 Tbs olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper


Heat the oven to 450. Toss your veggie with the oil, salt and pepper. Use as much or as little salt and pepper as you’d like. It really depends on your tastes and how much veggies you’re cooking up.

Spread the veggies out on a baking sheet, you can also cook this in a casserole dish too! Just make sure that the veggies have some space between them. They don’t roast well if they are cramped together.

Anyway, roast it in the oven for 20 minutes. Turning them at the halfway point will make the browning much more even.


Buttermilk Substitute

We love Irish Soda Bread in our house. But, it can be quite hard to find buttermilk in the stores. Well, it was common in Virginia, but nearly impossible in southern California. So, for those times when you need buttermilk…

1 cup of Buttermilk = 1 Tbs Lemon Juice + enough milk to make 1 cup total

Stir and let stand for about 5 minutes. Voila, buttermilk substitute!


If you are like most Moms, you have a million things on your to-do list.

If you are like most business owners, you have a million things on your to-do list.

So what do us working moms do that have 2 million things on our to-do list do?


I’ve read so many blog posts about people who choose their “word of the year”. It’s almost a grown up version of a resolution. I remember back when I first read posts about this I tried thinking of my word. And just this morning things finally clicked. I tell my son to focus all the time. FlyLady tells us to do it now, stop procrastinating. Pam Young calls us “SHES” Sidetracked Home Executives. I’ve realized now that my word of the year is FOCUS.

With a million things on my Mom to-do list and a million things on my business owner to-do list (not to mention taxes are due next week!!!), I have to slow down and FOCUS on one thing at a time. I need to declutter my mind, my desk, and my visual space. I tend to work from my laptop sitting on the couch. So my visual space includes the coffee table (tax work and inventory lists are currently flooding it), the TV (off this morning thankfully, my son’s table and toys, the dining room with no dining table (currently housing two strollers, a glider chair, and more toys plus an easel that blocks some view. I can also see into the kitchen partially where the bar area is covered with more papers, a toaster oven (wish I could house that somewhere else), 2nd laptop, mug of pens, and basket of napkins.

So my ultra simplified to-do list for today is:

  1. Go to bank
  2. Go to farm (play date scheduled there)
  3. Go to post office
  4. Clear off coffee table
  5. Pick up toys in living room
  6. Work on taxes

There are so many more things on my list to do but this is what I’m FOCUSing on for today. Outside of those 6 things, I’ll pick and choose what I can do off the big lists and field requests as they come in. Mainly requests from the kids. Like my infant who says “mom I’m awake now”. It looks like I get to switch to Mom mode now.

What I’ve been up to…

Well, you may notice I’ve been away for a bit. We welcomed our son to the family at the beginning of the year and it still seems like we are getting used to the new way things are. With the new level of busyness in the house, posts are going to be fit in when and where they can. Before my son was born, my brother gave us a bread machine that my mom sent over. Truthfully, I wasn’t thinking I would use it much since I can, and always have up until this point, made my bread by hand or bought it from the store. I stand corrected. I’ve got our 6th? loaf in the machine right now. It’s saved lots of time and I can make whatever flavor we want without having to time in a grocery store trip or pay for overpriced and often super dry bread. I’ll be sharing some of the bread machine recipes that I’ve been using lately. So stay tuned for more recipes.