Cracked Eggs and Prosciutto

Cracked Eggs and Prosciutto

Serves 2. This is a great breakfast, or dinner, that we’ve stumbled on. You can easily do this with prosciutto, ham, sausage… any favorite pork really. Haven’t tried it with chicken or beef but feel free to experiment yourself.


4 Eggs


In a cast iron pan (or your favorite skillet for cooking eggs), heat up the butter and fry up the meat until cooked (or browned & crispy if already cooked). Distribute the meat throughout the pan evenly. Crack eggs over the top of the meat. (I pop the yolks because I hate runny eggs. If you’re a fan of runny or soft eggs feel free to leave the yolks intact.) Once the eggs have cooked half way through, use your spatula to “cut” the dish into 4 sections. Flip the sections to cook the other side. Once done, dish up and Enjoy!


Melt brie (or other cheese) on top of the eggs during the second half of cooking. Toast an English muffin and make a breakfast sandwich out of your English muffin, eggs & prosciutto & brie. So much deliciousness!!

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