Tired ALL the time

It’s common for pregnant women to be tired. Usually they get their energy back during the second trimester. I’ll give you a guess what happened with me though…

Still tired!

I expected to be more tired this time around in general since I’ve now got two boys (6 and 3) I’m chasing around plus a dog. In addition to keeping up with the house and work. But I just could never feel rested. I even managed to take a nap on a few occasions!! That’s unheard of here. I’m used to getting the least amount of sleep in the family.

So the doctor went through the normal labs and thought that some counts were a little low so off to a specialist I was sent. Sure the platelet count was low but not too terrible. We’ll monitor that and make adjustments. What the surprise was is the Ferrous levels. ??? Right ??? Well, that’s the amount of Iron in the blood.

When you eat food you gain iron. Some natural foods come with iron and many pre-packaged foods are fortified with iron. With my cereal alone I was supposed to be getting 50% of my daily iron (since my serving size doesn’t match what the box says). Anyway, my iron levels are almost 0! It’s 4 actually. Best to be around 200. So that’s why I’m so abnormally tired and my fingernails are constantly breaking (instead of being nails of steel like most pregnant women).

I’ll be in for 3 different sessions of getting Iron via IV in hopes that it fixes my numbers and my current side effects. I’m looking forward to having some energy again but I’m terrified of the IV!! The other downside is that kids are very much not welcome at these appointments so I have to arrange for hubby to take time off work to watch them 4 hours at a time. We were supposed to be saving up his time off for when the baby arrives. Not canning 1.5 days off for this. 😦

All the other appointments the kids are always with me though. It’s just not feasible to have them watched by family or pay some place to watch them for each of the appointments. Especially as they get more frequent.

I’m crossing my fingers that the platelet count and iron levels are high enough at the end of the pregnancy that we can have a normal c-section.

One thought on “Tired ALL the time

  1. This must be so frustrating! Wishing you successful treatments soon. Give yourself a big hug from me. 🙂

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