What I’ve been up to…

Well, you may notice I’ve been away for a bit. We welcomed our son to the family at the beginning of the year and it still seems like we are getting used to the new way things are. With the new level of busyness in the house, posts are going to be fit in when and where they can. Before my son was born, my brother gave us a bread machine that my mom sent over. Truthfully, I wasn’t thinking I would use it much since I can, and always have up until this point, made my bread by hand or bought it from the store. I stand corrected. I’ve got our 6th? loaf in the machine right now. It’s saved lots of time and I can make whatever flavor we want without having to time in a grocery store trip or pay for overpriced and often super dry bread. I’ll be sharing some of the bread machine recipes that I’ve been using lately. So stay tuned for more recipes.

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