Pictures from Little Man’s Birthday

Though I’m more than a month late, I’m finally letting you all see some of the great pictures from Little Man’s birthday party.

Little man and I with our friends. His two buddies and him were all born within 11 days of each other.

Little man and I with some neighbors from an old house.

It’s time to blow out the candle! I made carrot cake cupcakes and used my creamy fruit dip for the frosting!

Eating our cupcakes. I loved the decorations I put up and it was so easy and budget friendly!

Little Man is a very clean eater.

More partygoers and they are all playing with the new toys!

Little Man and I with my parents. I love this shot!

Our Happy Family!

I hope you enjoyed pictures of Little Man’s birthday party. More pictures of the rest of the visit from my parents will come shortly.

5 thoughts on “Pictures from Little Man’s Birthday

  1. Happy birthday little man! He looks so pleased in all the pictures. I thought the first shot of all the moms and babies is really cute.

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