Office Potluck


Pretzel Cheese SauceMy husband had a potluck at his work today. We signed up to bring homemade soft pretzels. They were a huge hit! We paired them with pretzel cheese sauce, made with Vermont and regular cheddar this time, and horseradish mustard. Horseradish MustardMany of the guys in the office went back for a second pretzel. I’m so glad they all liked them. I got to taste some really great food that other people brought too. I expect we will have another pot luck since it was such a hit. So, how can I top my pretzels? Maybe I’ll make burgers next time. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Office Potluck

    • The pretzels are pretty simple and easy to make. The ingredient list is small as well. Though I think that people just get intimidated by cooking and baking sometimes. I know I was nervous the first time I made pretzels, now it’s no big deal. Same thing with from scratch breads, without a bread machine. Have a great night!

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