Thank You

I’d like to thank everyone who sent notes of condolences to me for the passing of my grandmother. It has been hard accepting that she is gone when there are so many things in life that remind me of her. Even so, I must continue to live my life as she wanted me to. Before she died, she said that I had inherited the strong woman mindset like her mother had. I didn’t feel strong when I found out she passed away, I felt just sad. Though it must be the strong woman blood that allowed me to carry on through my grief. I embodied my Norwegian heritage and felt like a pioneer while I cooked up some Soda Bread, potatoes, mashed food for little man, and kept the house running. My grandmother lived in the basement of her home with one fireplace for heat in the middle of winter wile my grandfather finished building the upstairs of the house. I come from a long line of strong, amazing women. And maybe, just maybe, my grandkids (many, many years from now) will think I’m pretty amazing too.

So thank you again to everyone for their support and kinds words. And now, I will return you to your regular scheduled amazing recipes

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