1K B4 K: Week 10 Update

We’ve been at the program for ten whole weeks now! Little man and I have read so many books. We read 36 books in Week 1, 24 books in Week 2, 40 books in Week 3 which brought us to completing our first 100 books. Then we read 43 books in Week 4 and an astounding 68 books in Week 5 where we read our 200th book! After that, in Week 6 we read 49 books, in Week 7 we read 31 books, and in Week 8 we read 27 books, including our 300th book! Then we read 32 books in Week 9. We’ve been sick this week so it’s been a lighter reading list as we’ve been resting up.

Books We’ve Read This Past Week:

  1. Go! Go! BoBo Colors
  2. Baby Signs for Mealtime
  3. The Runaway Bunny
  4. Snuggle Puppy
  5. 5 Busy Ducklings
  6. Baby Animals
  7. I Love You, Little One
  8. Cuddles’ Bathtime
  9. Baby Touch and Feel Farm
  10. Baby Animals
  11. The More We Are Together
  12. Baby Animals
  13. Trains
  14. Perfect Pets
  15. Trucks
  16. 5 Busy Ducklings
  17. Love You Forever

With 36 books from Week 1, 24 books from Week 2, 40 books from Week 3, 43 books from Week 4, 68 books from Week 5, 49 books from Week 6, 31 books from Week 7, 27 books from Week 8, 32 books from Week 9, and 17 books from week 10, we have read 367 books and we are quickly reading our way to 1,000 books before Kindergarten. It’s never to late to start reading so grab a book and read along with us. What book are you reading now?

3 thoughts on “1K B4 K: Week 10 Update

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