Beautiful Mama Blog Award

Beautiful Mama Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award by Valerie at Atlantamomofthree! I am honored to have been nominated for this award. Becoming a Mom is one of the best things to have ever happened in my life. Marrying my husband is the other best thing to have happened. So, in order to accept this wonderful award I need to do a few things. I get to tell you three things I love about motherhood and nominate some very deserving Mom’s to pass on the award.

Three things I love about motherhood:

  1. I love getting hugs from little man!
  2. Little man’s laughter can brighten any situation! It’s also contagious!
  3. The joy on little man’s face when he does something new!


To accept the award, please do the following things:

  • Click the above award image, save it and use it in your acceptance post.
  • List 3 things you love about motherhood.
  • Nominate other deserving mamas; you may choose as many as you like. (And let them know of the nomination)

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Mama Blog Award

  1. Congratulations to you! Also thank you so much for the nomination! I really appreciate it! Those little laughs are certainly contagious! Even when they are doing something naughty like pulling everything out of a cupboard and laughing you just can’t help but laugh right along with them!

    • Thanks and your welcome! I know just what you mean about when they are getting into things. Little man was laughing and having so much fun pulling all the clean plastic containers off the shelf and spreading them all over the floor. Oh well, a trip through the dishwasher fixes the mess. And it was such fun for him.

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  3. Congratulations on your nomination!  I am proud of the way your are embracing and enjoying motherhood. 

    Love, Aunt Yvonne

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me too! It brightened my day! I love your 3 highlights of motherhood. These innocent days are so precious. It is a joy to spend our lives with our children, watching them grow and mature!

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