1K B4 K: Week 4 Update

We’ve been at the program for four weeks now. Little man and I have still been reading a lot. We read 36 books in Week 1, 24 books in Week 2, 40 books in Week 3 which brought us to completing our first 100 books.

Books We’ve Read This Past Week:

  1. Bedtime
  2. Lilly’s Chocolate Heart
  3. Olivia Counts
  4. Diggers and Dumpers
  5. My Very First Book of Trains
  6. Duck Goes Potty
  7. I Can Read With My Eyes Shut
  8. Giggles With Daddy
  9. Bus Stops
  10. Mommy Hugs
  11. Planes
  12. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  13. Oh Say Can You Say?
  14. Growing Vegetable Soup
  15. Animal Crackers Nursery Rhymes
  16. See and Spy Shapes
  17. Goodnight Moon
  18. Count with Dora
  19. Boats
  20. The Runaway Bunny
  21. Hickory, Dickory, Dock
  22. Diving for Numbers in Hawaii
  23. Hide-and-Seek Kittens
  24. Peek-A-Boo!
  25. Snuggle Puppy! This one is such a sweet book to read for Valentines Day, or any day!
  26. Miss Spider’s ABC
  27. Bunny Eats Lunch
  28. I Am Who I Am
  29. Bob Lends a Helping… Hand?
  30. Kipper’s Book of Weather
  31. This Little Chick
  32. In My Pond
  33. Big Dino Fun!
  34. Baby Animals in the Jungle
  35. Spot’s First Christmas
  36. Black on White
  37. White on Black
  38. The Little Drummer Boy
  39. Kipper’s Book of Opposites
  40. The Airplane Trip
  41. Hooper Humperdink…? Not Him!
  42. The Velveteen Rabbit
  43. Love Means…

With 36 books from Week 1, 24 books from Week 2, 40 books from Week 3, and 43 books from Week 4, we have read 143 books and we are really reading our way to 1,000 books before Kindergarten. It’s never to late to start reading so grab a book and read along with us. What book are you reading now?

16 thoughts on “1K B4 K: Week 4 Update

  1. Wow 100 weeks in 4 weeks is amazing! I think I shall bring A to the library soon. I don’t think we have such a structured reading program here in Singapore but I will update once I find out!

  2. I am so proud of you!   

    “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”    -Greek Proverb-


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