Sweet Surprise Baby Shower

Today I went to a baby shower. It’s the third one I’ve ever been to, including my own. It was hosted by a friend of mine and a surprise for the guest of honor. This was my first surprise party that I’ve ever been to. I really didn’t know what to expect before I went. I planned enough to go pick out a present and wrap it up. Dad even watched little man for me. Little man was welcome at the party but sometimes Mom needs free hands. I know that if I brought him along, I’d be holding him the whole time and trying to keep his little hands out of the food, presents, and my hair (a new attraction lately). We played games, had snacks and watched “Mom” open presents. I knew most of the people there through MOPS so we had some great talks about everything from kids to cell phones to TV shows our husbands love. I was surprised at how much fun I had given that I’m not that close to the expecting mother.

I think that the best part was to go out, be with other moms and not have to play “mom” for just a small taste of time. My husband was so sweet to watch little man. He even took the time while I was away to do some housework for me. I’m so lucky!

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