Let’s Make a Discovery Bowl


At one point I saw this idea for a discovery bowl and I decided to try it out with little man. We grabbed what we had, no reason to spend money on this. Here’s what is in our discovery bowl today:

9 C Rubbermaid Bowl (the bowl for this)
Small Whisk
Striped Ribbon
Small Rubbermaid Container
Small Rubbermaid Lid
Red Stuffed Bear


It seems that little man’s favorite today is the whisk. He’s played with the small Rubbermaid container before and used it as a cup. Next time, we’ll try putting some other things in our discovery bowl.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Discovery Bowl

  1. Whisks are cool, no matter how old you get. My youngest loves those little poofy balls you can buy at craft stores. He sorts them by color, by size, by criteria I haven’t figured out yet. It’s hours of fun … and then hours of cleaning them up!

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