DIY Dog Tag Collar Silencers

With little man in the house, I have been having a problem lately with or dogs. Our border collie shakes his head a lot and his collar makes the perfect noise for waking up little man. It has been driving me crazy. What’s worse is that since little man is teething, he had been waking up more and is easier to upset right now. So, I must silence those dog tags for everyone’s sanity.

Try #1
I take the collar off my border collie at night. While this kept him quiet at night, it does nothing for daytime collar shaking and I need to remember to put it back on before he goes out in the morning. Also I did worry that in an emergency his collar would be off and he could get lost.

Try #2
I wrapped plastic wrap around the tags. This worked well for the border collie. Unfortunately, on my golden retriever, it didn’t even last twelve hours. I put it on at night and an hour after he got up for the day, he was working on getting it off. I can’t have the dogs eating plastic.

Try #3
Everyone should own a hot glue gun! I took my handy dandy glue gun and laid a bead of hot glue around the perimeter of the dog tag. Success! Here’s a picture of my work. I did this on every metal tag on the dog’s collar. Now, they don’t make a loud high pitched jingle / rattle noise to wake up little man. Gotta love solutions on a budget. The best part, as we get new tags (rabies renewal, moving…) or if it gets worn off, we can easily repeat the process.

Dog Tag

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