Emergency Room = No Sleep!

Last night we had to take little man in to the emergency room. He had a high fever so we rushed him over. We got there at about 11:30 PM. We left at 4:30 AM. We spent 5 hours there and didn’t come home with many answers. He doesn’t have strep throat, he doesn’t have a UTI, he doesn’t have the flu, he doesn’t have pneumonia. We got his fever down and he seemed to be happier. That is when he wasn’t being poked and prodded. Little man managed to sleep for 15 minutes at a time. My husband and I weren’t as lucky. I would sit with little man, feed him and rock him to sleep. Dad worked on making sure that we were getting the best care we could. We needed answers! Our little man needed help! After awhile, enough was enough. Once they told us what to watch out for and gave us some medication to use if his fever returns to that level again, we ran out of there.

We got home and I fed little man again. Then we went to sleep (5:30 AM). I got up with him around 9 and then we all got up around 11 this morning. It was a hell of a night and we were agitated and upset. The only benefit was coming home with some medications to give little man in case he gets a fever that high again, and the fact that his fever did break and was out of the danger zone.

Today we’ve had a better day for little man. He has been in a little better spirits and no sign of a fever. My husband and I are still very short on sleep and I’m sure I’ve snapped at him because of that. Hopefully tonight we will all sleep well and enjoy what is left of the weekend.

What do you think?

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