MOPS and a boo boo bunny


Little man and I went to a program called MOPS today. It stands for Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers. We learned about first aid and made this boo boo bunny. We now know what to do for CPR, in case of burns, fevers, seizures, allergic reactions, and even a knocked out tooth.

How to make a boo boo bunny
You’ll need a washcloth, rubber band, and a ribbon. Googly eyes, nose and tail are optional. You may not want them if you’re child would try to eat them.

It is easier to make one of these bunnies if you’re washcloth is nice and square and also thin. You can see the comparison at the bottom. The white bunny is made of a thin washcloth and the purple bunny was a little thicker.

Take your washcloth and roll it up diagonally.
Fold in half, then bend up.
Put rubber band around to secure.
Tie ribbon around to hide the rubber band.

To use, place an ice cube in the hole at the round bottom end of the bunny and place on your boo boo.

How to in pictures:








Hope your boo boos feel better!

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