Recipe: Chicken Wraps


Chicken Wraps

This recipe is a variation from one of our staple meals in college. It’s versatile, easy, quick, and delicious comfort food. In this version, I’ve used spinach tortillas, chicken seasoned with lemon pepper, jasmine rice, medium cheddar cheese, and home-style ranch dressing. Have fun and change-up any of the ingredients for a new taste every time!


Chicken (1 tender per wrap)
Rice (1/2 c cooked per wrap)
Tortillas (1 per wrap)
Cheese (1/4 c per wrap)
Ranch Dressing (2 Tbs per wrap)


  1. Cook rice according to directions
  2. Cook chicken until done. This wildly depends on the size of the chicken but tenders cook in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Cut chicken into bite size pieces.
  4. On the tortilla, layer rice and chicken.
  5. Top with shredded cheese and ranch.
  6. Roll up and enjoy!

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