Recipe: Almond Rocca

Almond Rocca Broken

Almond Rocca / Almond Toffee

2 C Butter
2 C Sugar
2 C Almonds
2 C Chocolate

9×13 glass pan
Large metal pot (no non-stick)
Large Wooden Spoon
White tile or plate (to check color and texture)
Food Processor (to chop nuts and chocolate)

1. Chop 1 C nuts and spread evenly into 9×13 pan
2. Chop 1 C chocolate and spread evenly on top of nuts
3. Chop remaining nuts and chocolate, set aside in separate bowls
4. Melt butter in large metal pan (no non-stick)
5. Stir in sugar using a large wooden spoon (metal is an ok substitute but no plastic)
6. Keep stirring the entire time to dissolve sugar into butter
7. It is done when it has reached the correct color (brown paper bag)
8. Don’t test before its about the consistency of chocolate syrup
9. To test, bring spoon out of pot and drizzle a little on the plate/tile
10. If it is the right color (brown paper bag) and the right consistency (breaks easily), it’s done
11. The lighter it is the softer it will be (some people like this)
12. After it’s reached the paper bag color you need to immediately pour it over the nuts and chocolate you prepared in the 9×13 pan earlier (it will burn shortly after it’s reached this color)
13. Then immediately spread chocolate evenly over rocca, follow with the nuts
14. Take the back of your spoon to lightly tap down the almonds so they don’t all fall off later
15. Take your pot and fill it with hot water in the sink, the contents of the pan will dissolve and make it easier to clean
16. Make sure it has completely cooled before you try to break it all up into small pieces. You can use a knife to wedge one side out of the pan.

*Warnings / Tips:

You are making a type of candy and the temperatures become very hot. Do not let the rocca touch your skin at any time or it will severely burn you. Use caution.

If you end up trying this recipe in an area with no humidity or high altitude (Utah), be prepared for it to fail and separate into a very crystallized sugary solution and clarified butter. One solution to this is to add 1 Tbs at a time of cold water when it starts separating. Better yet, don’t try this in Utah conditions.

This recipe cannot be doubled. If you want a lot of this, be prepared to make many batches as it must be made one at a time. I’ve done them back to back and had 4 pans lined up in the past using 2 pots (one at a time).

Don’t commit to bringing more than one batch of this to anything unless you have lots of time and/or have mastered this recipe for years. I’ve made it since I was 10 (I only stirred then), this is a handed down recipe and technique through many generations.

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