Last minute shopping?

Are you one of those last minute shoppers? Or have you been done for awhile?

While I had most of my shopping done by December 1st, some of it did wait. I bought the last of the stocking suffers a few days ago but they were food items so I’m giving myself a free pass on the timing for that. However, even though I bought my son a Christmas ornament, we did need to get him something else. It is expected to arrive Christmas eve. Please oh please let Amazon get it here in time.

I am also hoping something else gets here on time, that would be my Christmas present from my husband. He decided to start shopping today from my Amazon gift list. While I do want a laundry room rug, I’m not sure if it could be considered a Christmas present. I’m anxious to see what he picked out for me. I promised him I wouldn’t read any emails I get from Amazon until after Christmas.

So I wonder if getting ask the Christmas shipping done early is a woman thing or if I have been trained by the fact that I generally have to send 75% of the presents to family around the first to ensure that parcel post gets everything there on time. I really hate using the post office but the nearest UPS store is just too far.

I’d love to know how everyone else is with regards to their Christmas shopping. Am I the norm or all on my own? For all those hoping to grab a last minute deal or just plain procrastinators, good luck. And for everyone, have a great evening.

~ Marie

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