It Finally Looks Like Christmas!

It Finally Looks Like Christmas!

Our Fakemas Tree

We’ve had this fake Christmas tree since my husband and I had our first Christmas on our own back in 2007. The train and track are what’s left from his childhood train set. When he was growing up, they put it around the tree every year. Now, I want to bring back that tradition for my son. This is his first Christmas. I know it’s a little late to be starting the decorations but it’s not really that bad. I’ve had a table cloth and table runner out since December 1st. I also switch my kitchen towels over too. But, no lights on the house this year. Where we’re renting, it’s a two story house with no feasible way of getting on the roof. And who ever thought that it would be a good idea to build a house and not have any outlets on the outside? How are we supposed to even plug in the lights (if were were going to).

I still have to bring out our Christmas ornaments and maybe my husband will put up some lights on the staircase. I love our old ornaments. My mom started a tradition when I was born that each Christmas she would give me a new ornament. She still does this and so I bought my son his first ornament. OK, so it’s his third ornament. My mom and mother-in-law beat me to buying the first ornament. So, my son has 3 “Baby’s 1st Christmas” ornaments. At least they all look different. I plan on buying my son a new ornament each year. When he moves out, he gets to take all of his with him.

What I do really need to do is make some stockings. My mom made mine and my husband’s aunt made his. My son is going to borrow the dog’s this year. It’s plain so don’t think I’m having him use one with paw prints on it or anything. But I really wanted to make new stockings for each of us with our names on them like my mom did for me. Well, I’ve just about run out of time for this year. We won’t have a ruined Christmas if we use the old stockings and my son get’s the small dog one.

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